Calling all AASA Members! May 21 - 25 is BLITZ WEEK

We want to make a big dent in our fundraising goal for the year with Blitz Week.

The Oilers are in the NHL Playoffs AND Monday, May 20th is Victoria Day long weekend.

Watch-parties for hockey fans. A big long weekend to welcome summer for everyone...

So...people are likely to have a lot of BOTTLES in their homes.

AND: Saturday, May 25th is the Alberta Open Scooter Competition being hosted by our partner, House of Wheels, Edmonton.

THAT'S A BIG WEEK. Let's make it a BLITZ WEEK.

On the day of the Scooter Competition, May 25, we want all AASA Members to bring BOTTLE DRIVE REPORT FORMS and PLEDGE SHEETS to House of Wheels Edmonton and House of Wheels Calgary.

Our goal is to hit $8,000: $100 Dollars for each current AASA Member. That should be a piece of cake! Invite fellow riders to join AASA as well and we could far surpass that goal!

Easy Instructions:


  • Select a residential neighbourhood near you.
  • Between Monday, May 20 and Friday, May 24, print out enough of THIS FLYER to cover the area and take one to each household--just drop it in the mailbox.
  • Friday, May 24 or Saturday, May 25 drive the same route through the area and pick up all the bags or boxes of bottles that are sitting out ready for you.
  • Take the bottles to the nearest bottle depot, collect the cash, and bring it to House of Wheels Edmonton or House of Wheels Calgary in an envelope marked with "YOUR NAME" and "AASA BLITZ WEEK" and a completed BOTTLE DRIVE REPORT FORM.
  • If you can't make it to a bottle depot, just bring the bottles to House of Wheels (Edmonton or Calgary). They will have bins ready!



  • Between May 20 and May 24th: Print out a PLEDGE SHEET
  • Talk to everyone: family, friends, co-workers, neighbours. Tell them it's Blitz Week and ask them to sponsor you for the Take Over Tour to help build action sports in Alberta.
  • Fill in one line for each sponsor; have them eTransfer their pledge as shown on the form or collect the cash. Be sure to thank them.
  • May 25th: Deliver cash and the Pledge Sheet to House of Wheels Edmonton or House of Wheels Calgary.

It's that simple -- remember to put your name on the forms so you are credited with the fundraising -- that's how you earn valuable prizes and work your way toward the Grand Prize for Biggest Builder. We'll follow up with all your supporters and thank them for their donation as well.