Volunteer Opportunities

AASA -- Building the Organization

AASA has big plans, and we need great people to help make them real.

Become part of something great.

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Help us build a strong organization across Alberta.

The following VOLUNTEER POSITIONS are open. Some will require more than one person. Click HERE to email us to start a conversation.


Volunteer Corporate Event Sponsorship Coordinator (Goal: 20 x $3,000 = $60,000)

  • To phone companies, including those local to each summer outdoor event AND general Province-wide companies with this message, "AASA is a non-profit organization that runs over 20 events throughout the Province and creates local to world championship riding opportunities for action sports riders. Can I send you information about our Sponsorship opportunities?
  • Follow up with Corporate Event Sponsors -- schmooze them, take their banners to events, thank them, get their info on websites, post about them, post from their stores or businesses, all kinds of things that increase their profile and make their sponsorship worthwhile.


    Volunteer Membership Drive Coordinator (Goal: 800 Members @ $80 = $64,000)

    To contact everyone who buys a Membership, say, Welcome to AASA; here's the benefits and how to take advantage of them; and keep track of the Member list, including date, level, and other important information.

    Volunteer Member Benefit Partner Drive Coordinator (Goal: 20 Partners)

    To contact owners of stores which may provide 5% or 10% discount to AASA Members as a key AASA Member benefit. Get the stores signed up, facilitate getting their information posted and publicized to all AASA Members.

    Volunteer Take Over Tour fundraising coordinator (Goal: $220/Member = $176,000)

    To contact all new Members and say, here's how the fundraising for Take Over Tour works; and get them to start collecting pledges, and track all the Pledge forms; then to follow up with Members to encourage them in their riding skill development and fundraising efforts.

    Volunteer Graphic Artist

    To produce in Canva all the signs/banners/etc. and coordinate Sponsor approvals of the banners, and get the banners printed, and organize all the banners for every event so the Event Operations Crew has them in hand and ready to display for our valued Sponsors.

    Volunteer Newsletter Editor

    To produce a Weekly or Bi-Weekly newsletter according to an Ever Present Promotional Plan chart that is managed by the executive and posted on Google Drive.

    Volunteer Indoor Park Sponsorship Coordinator (Goal: $30,000)

    To phone companies who may be interested in 1)supporting the indoor parks directly or 2) advertising to the customers in the indoor parks, with this message: "AASA is a non-profit that runs two indoor recreation facilities, Edmonton and Calgary, and runs over 20 events per season; 8 of those events are inside the facilities; PLUS, there is year-round riding and camps, camps, camps. Can I send you information on our Park Sponsorship packages?
    • Follow up with Indoor Park Sponsors -- schmooze them, get their banners up, thank them, get their info on websites, post about them, post from their stores, all kinds of things that make their sponsorship worthwhile.

    Volunteer Government & Public Communication Coordinator (Goal: Building Relationships with all levels of government)
    Successful non-profits have clear and open communication with government representatives who can advise on programs for all citizens, as well as provide information on facilities, land, and other public issues that impact the non-profit. This role will also lead collaboration with other public recreation centres, events, and so on.
    Volunteer Grant Application Coordinator (Goal: $50,000 - $250,000)
    Research and write grant applications. Perfect opportunity for Law, accounting, public relations students or those with similar interests.

      CONTACT US to let us know how you can help the best. The strength of AASA is its members. Please join us.