Get Involved - Building Action Sports

In addition to providing the best Action Sports rider development program in Canada...

In addition to hosting and facilitating some of the best Action Sports Events in the country...

In addition to building towards hosting national, international, and world championship events...

NOW AASA has a mandate to ensure the operational and financial stablity of two great Indoor Action Sports facilities: House of Wheels Edmonton and House of Wheels Calgary.

That is a big commitment for AASA, and we need your help to fulfill it.

You can get involved! AASA works closely with its members and the community in many ways to accomplish the great goals we all share.

As an AASA Member family or rider, please get involved in any of the following ways: 

Combine your riding skill development with supporting AASA by getting involved with the Take Over Tour, our most important season-long fundraiser.

Contribute to our ongoing Bottle Drives

Boost the Corporate Sponsorship campaign, either by recommending companies to become sponsors, or by becoming a sponsor.

Help out as a Volunteer, either at events or as a Coordinator for overall operations.

Start an Action Sports Club in your area. It's very simple.

Any way you get involved, you will be providing valuable help in building Action Sports throughout Alberta and strengthening AASA, which is already connected to National and International governing bodies for skateboard, scooter, roller freestyle (Inline) and bmx freestyle.

AND we are still growing! Stay tuned.