Take Over Tour Fundraiser



Or rather, FILL SIX BUSES!
Two Cities     3 BUSES EACH     300 RIDERS


To qualify to join the greatest AASA skate park tour of Calgary or Edmonton, SIGN UP FOR FREE to be an AASA Member, and do some fundraising. You will earn great prizes as you do, and when you hit BUILDER level, you are automatically qualified for the Tour! If you hit SUPER BUILDER level you are qualified for BOTH Tours!

EDMONTON TAKE OVER TOUR: September 21st, 2024

Meet at *Millwoods, ride there for about an hour, then hop on the bus and go to Kaskitayo and do it again. Then on to Callingwood, Castledowns, Capilano, and back to Millwoods Skate Park.  *Each bus will be assigned a different starting park.

CALGARY TAKE OVER TOUR: September 28th, 2024

Same idea for Calgary: Parks are New Brighton, Yorkville, Southwood, Millennium, and Huntington Hills. Just like in Edmonton, each bus will be assigned a different starting park.


How do I raise money to reach Builder level and qualify for the Tour?

Just like a fundraising fun-run or Walk-A-Thon, riders will get pledges (donations) from family, friends, and neighbours. Each MEMBERSHIP/BUILDER level you reach earns you a bigger swag pack for the season.

Get started right now. 

Step 1: If you have not already registered, sign up to be a Member

Step 2: Download and Print a Pledge Form

Step 3: Start collecting Pledges -- commitments or donations from everyone you know. The instructions are on the pledge sheet.

Your supporters will submit the funds while you work on your riding skills and look forward to the Tour. AASA will track the funds donated for you and record your Membership/Builder level. The higher the level, the greater the prizes you earn.

Step 4: When you qualify, we will send you an invitation to register for the Take Over Tour of your choice (or BOTH if you reach SUPER-BUILDER level.)

Get started now so you may become the Biggest Builder of Action Sports and win the grand prize!

Pledge Form Link

Turn in your form and donations received to a House of Wheels Location to claim/order your swag pack.