Grass Roots to Pro

Welcome to AASA -- Action Sports for everyone!

We encourage every young rider to come out and try a competition. Like soccer, gymnastics, and other sports, participating is just better if there is an end goal; it's the games and competitions that really boost growth and performance.

Below is a guide to how AASA Competitions work -- Grass Roots to Pro!  You can compete right from the start because competitions are designed with every level of rider from "Little Rippers", to Pros in mind.

EVERYONE -- start first by developing basic skills through the CRUSH IT CHALLENGE.  If you already have some skills, the charts will help you know where you fit in the competition categories.

Once you get some basic skills, you can begin practicing simple competition "COMPULSORY ROUTINES."  These are simple lines you can practice and which every LITTLE RIPPER and NOVICE will be following at a competition. 

What are "Compulsory Routines"?

Beginning with the 2024 AASA season, competitions will include pre-set lines through the park for both the LITTLE RIPPERS and NOVICE categories. This will help overcome barriers faced by young riders and parents when approaching a competition, especially for the first time.

Read below and watch the videos to see what the Little Ripper (U8) and Novice (9-11) comulsories looked like for the scooter season Premier competition April 6, 2024.

Each Little rippers (U8) participant will be required to follow a pre-set park line with trick suggestions and prompts, taking the worry out of preparing a competition-worthy run. Judging will be based on completion of the run as well as consistency, amplitude and style. Little rippers runs will be approx. 45 seconds. RIDER REGISTRATION

CLICK HERE to watch the video for LITTLE RIPPERS routine for the April 6th, 2024 Scooter Season Premiere competition at HOW Edmonton.

Novice (9-11) participants will be required to follow a pre-set park line with suggested TRICK POINTS that will maximize park usage and run efficiency. Riders will have the freedom to select the stunts/skills that fit their riding abilities and style. Judging will be based on completion of the run as well as creativity, consistency, amplitude, and style.

Novice runs will be approx. 50 seconds. RIDER REGISTRATION

CLICK HERE to watch the video for NOVICE routine for the April 6th, 2024 Season Premiere competition at HOW Edmonton.

Every category starting with BEGINNER is true FREESTYLE. Competitors will be given an area of the park in which to operate, and they are free to throw down their best lines and best tricks in the allotted time. Times vary between categories and competitions, but are generally between 60 and 75 seconds.  CRUSH IT CHALLENGE charts show a detailed list of skills that fit in each category. 

The chart below shows a typical competition pathway, from Grass Roots to Worlds. It may, of course, take a rider a few years to progress right through to World Championships and the Olympics (for sports that have Olympic competition) but the opportunity is there for everyone.

Click on the image to view/download a PDF.