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Alberta Action Sports Association
Sponsorship Guide - Take Over Tour
Promoting action sports and building kids and youth one rider at a time.

WHY SUPPORT ACTION SPORTS?Skate camp bowl round

1. We give kids a competitive pathway, in sport, and in life! 

And they need it:

  • Only 40% of youth report their mental health as excellent or very good.

But we know that physical activity:

  • helps fight depression & addiction

  • builds confidence

  • reduces feelings of hopelessness

  • helps people succeed through the stresses of life, which is more important every day.

2. With over 20 annual events throughout Alberta, we have a voice to convey your positive corporate message. We can help share with Albertans the great good you do every day.

Sponsor Level $$ Amount


All Sponsors get a Website badge plus...

Park Mini Sponsor

10 per city available

 $200 Banner at park

Bus Sponsor

3 per city available

$500 Banner on Bus

Park Title Sponsor

5 per city available

$1,000 Banner at park, physical presence at park

Event Title Sponsor

1 per City available

$5,000 Banner or entrance feature at all parks


Instagram/FB:  @albertaactionsports

To become a Sponsor, contact us at:

What We Do

AASA promotes action sports participation by organizing competitions, jamborees, and other events. The goal is to provide a pathway all the way to Olympic and other International level competition for top riders, but it all starts at the bottom, encouraging young riders to just have fun!
WE partner with municipalities, businesses, and national and international sport organizations to provide meaningful riding opportunities for all who are interested, including those with few opportunities to play sports. Our coaches teach tiny young beginners and inspire progressing riders to strive to reach their potential.
AASA also supports two of Alberta's favourite indoor parks -- House of Wheels Edmonton and House of Wheels Calgary. These facilities function just like a Rec Center--but without the swimming pool and basketball courts. Your support helps make it all happen.






Park Mini Sponsor

10 available


Banner at the park you sponsor, Website badge


Park Title Sponsor

20 available


Physical presence at the park you

sponsor, website badge, 


Bus Sponsor

20 available


Banner on the bus, website badge

Event Title Sponsor


Banner on all buses, banner at all

parks, website badge